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Build a profitable email strategy with powerful analytics

The success of your email marketing strategy is balanced equally amongst its two pillars - email performance and subscriber activity. Periodically tracking and evaluating your email performance is vital to understand the health of your email strategy and if there is room for improvement.

Automizely Marketing is an all-in-one sales and conversion optimization app offering a host of tools like Popups, Social Proof, Bars, Emails, chat via Facebook Messenger for budding retailers to expand the horizons of growth and profitability.

Further, helping merchants to improve their email performance and engage customers with the right message, key email performance metrics have been added to

Help merchants better measure the success of their marketing efforts
Optimize future email campaigns better with the right content and targeting criteria
Tweak their deliverability and engagement strategies accordingly

What’s new for our customers?

Key email marketing campaign performance metrics
Detailed performance analysis for individual emails
Total revenue generated by an email campaign

List of Email Performance Metrics

Following are the valuable performance metrics that can be viewed for all email types.

Where to view performance data for your email campaigns?
Log in to your Automizely marketing account
Go to > Emails
Open an email campaign for which you want to see the performance data

At the top before the individual emails, you can see all the key performance data of how well your emails are doing and the revenue generated.

Also, alongside each email template, all the vital performance metrics can be seen along with the email status.

To view the detailed report of each email for all email types,

Click View > Select Report

Track the success of your email campaigns with actionable insights and analytics. Install Automizely Marketing today.

Updated on: 15/04/2022

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