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How to Import Contacts to Smoothly Run Marketing Campaigns

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Every shopper matters, even passive ones because you can turn them into active buyers by pushing customized emails and jaw-dropping offers. Once they start shopping from your store, it would be a matter of time when you start enjoying the benefits of repeat purchases. AfterShip Email lets you import your contact list to ease the pressure of running marketing campaigns effectively.

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we'll discuss:

Steps to import contact lists

Steps to import contact lists

Go to the Contacts section of your AfterShip Email account
Click on the Import customers button > Download a sample CSV

Fill out all the details you have on your contacts > Upload CSV file
Now, you will see a table, where you need to check those properties that you’ve mentioned in your CSV file

Note: If you feel something is missing, you can define the property by simply choosing the CUSTOM PROPERTY option from the dropdown menu.

Once done, click on the Next button and tick the given checkbox if you have the consent of your contacts to send them marketing emails > Tap on the Start importing button to upload your contacts.

Key information to keep in mind

Maximum 5 CSV files can be uploaded at the same time
Up to 100 custom properties can be created
Make sure your CSV file doesn’t cross 200k rows and should be limited to 20 MB
The upload will fail if your CSV file contains empty or duplicate fields in any column
Your CSV file must carry either the Email or Phone number field to be uploaded successfully
Contact profile will be updated to the Subscribed status upon a successful upload
A timeline will be shown for complete clarity regarding the source of gained subscribers


What should I do after uploading wrong contact information?

Let’s say that you’ve uploaded incorrect information like residential address, DOB, etc. of 500 contacts and want to update it at once, create a CSV file with the correct data and upload it to AfterShip Email. Our system will match properties like email address and phone number with the existing data during the update. In case of positive result, the new information will be updated. It prevents the creation of duplicate contact profiles, saves you ample time, and builds an immersive user experience.

What should I do in case of uploading incorrect email addresses or phone numbers in the first place?

You need to delete those contacts manually and upload them again with the correct data.

Are there any specific formats I need to follow while importing contacts?

Yes, you have to stick to some specific formats to upload your CSV file successfully:

For DOB (Date Of Birth): YYYY-MM-DD
For email address: (No capitalization)
For phone number: Check this help article

We hope that you’ve understood the whole process and conditions of importing contacts. In case something is still unclear, our chat support team will be happy to address your concerns.

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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