Want the best marketing tool to tackle cart abandonment?

Automizely Abandoned cart reminders are the best bet! You can easily personalize these reminders according to your store design and style to boost brand recognition. Automizely lets you decide the duration after which you would like to send cart abandonment emails. Some of the other benefits that you can enjoy are:

Send multiple reminders

Single-click checkout

Attractive emails that look good on both phone and desktop

This amazing tool is absolutely free!

🔗 Connect a Shopify store

Add Automizely App > Install app > Upload your brand logo

📤 Customize settings

Go to Abandoned cart reminder page > Select a template depending upon the duration after which you wish to send a reminder > Enable
Choose a name for the campaign > Specify sender’s name > Specify Minimum cart value and Delay time > Publish

✏ Customize text and style

Go to Abandoned cart reminder page > Select a template > Content tab
Select Text blocks to edit content
Select Abandoned Product block > Specify product details to be displayed in the email
Select Button block > Edit text
Go to Styles tab > Customize text and style > Publish
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