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Integrate Klaviyo with Automizely Marketing

Integrate Klaviyo with Automizely marketing to make lead capturing and nurturing easier. Automizely Marketingā€™s compelling pop ups help you collect website visitorsā€™ contact information, which will automatically be synced with your Klaviyo account. Simply put, the integration of these two applications ensures smooth SMS and email marketing.

How to integrate with Automizely Marketing?

Go to the Apps section of your Automizely Marketing account > Click View more apps

Select Klaviyo from the app page > Click Install app

Enter the required information like Store URL, Public API key, and Private API key

If you are not sure about API Keys, simply visit Klaviyo's API key page and check them right away.

Click ā€˜Install appā€™

Ta-da! The connection has been established successfully with Klaviyo āœŒļø

To double-check whether the integration is successful or not, just go to the Apps section and verify it effortlessly.

With Klaviyo integration, you can easily collect information regarding:


In case you want more precise information, check the advanced fields (available under 'Custom properties' in Klaviyo) to get valuable insights.

To learn about contact syncing, click here.
If you face any issue during the integration, report it right away to our support team and get the resolution at the earliest.

Updated on: 14/07/2022

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