Automizely messages are web push notifications that enable e-commerce businesses to inform subscribers about discounts, offers, and promotions. It is an important marketing asset that engages customers and boosts sales. Get acquainted with its key features in this article.

Unique features

💬 Customize messages

Automizely messages content can be customized by adding text, logo, and images. You can also add action buttons to provide options like add to cart and sign up for free which assists in driving sales.

📉 Message Analytics

Automizely messages homepage displays data regarding the number of messages sent, scheduled and completed. It also provides graph data for the total number of active and new subscribers. For each message, you can determine the number of clicks sent and CTR(Click-Through-Rate, measures the ratio of messages clicked versus the number of times it is viewed)

📅 Schedule notifications

Automizely push notifications can be scheduled by selecting a time and date, also you can select a time zone for each subscriber. This helps you to notify customers who are in different time zones, at the right time.
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