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Invite members to your organization

Automizely enables you to collaborate with multiple members easily. You can add members to an organization and assign role-based access to them. Two roles have been defined:

Owner: only the organization owner can invite members and transfer ownership
Member: can access the product data and manage connections. Will have read-only access to the Members page

How does a user become a member?

Once an invitation is sent, the user receives an email with the invitation link at the email address entered by you.

Users need to click the invitation link in the email to accept the invitation.

Two scenarios arise usually.

1. User has an automizely account: in this case, the user needs to login to Automizely to accept the invitation.
2. User doesn’t have an Automizely account: in this case, the user first needs to create an Automizely account to accept the invitation.

After Accepting the invitation, the user becomes a member of the organization.

👥 Invite members

Make sure you have enough seats before inviting members to an organization. If not, then please add more seats.

Go to Members page > Invite member
Enter the email address of the member you wish to invite > Send invitation

Updated on: 01/06/2021

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