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Measure the success of your email campaigns with click and open rates

The success of your email campaign depends on how many people read and engage with your email content. Open and click rates offer key performance insights and a great starting point to test, measure, and improve your email marketing efforts.

Automizely Marketing offers a host of email templates to help you build your customer base, drive conversions, and build brand awareness. Furthermore, maximizing the performance of your email campaigns and to help you reach your customers with the right message at the right time throughout their purchase journey, our templates accompany insightful marketing analytics to help you fine-tune your messaging and delivery.

Two predominant metrics that form the basis of the success of your email campaigns
Open rate
Click rate
have recently been added to our pool of valuable performance metrics to ramp up your email marketing game.

Improve your email performance with open and click rate data

What can you understand with Automizely Marketing’s email open and click rate data?

Though open and click rates vary from audience to audience, industry to industry, company size, and other factors, this two-figure percentage data is quintessential to help you determine,

How many people in your email list have opened your email?
Was your subject line exciting enough to catch your customer’s attention?
How many subscribers who opened your email found the content useful?
How many people on your list who opened your email clicked on the CTA given inside?
Have you targeted the right audience for your campaign?
Are your emails optimized for mobile devices?
Are you sending too many, or too few emails to your subscribers?

Monitor your campaign progress at a glance

Get a good idea of how well your emails are performing at just a glance with our easy to register color rules for click and open rates.
Monitor your campaign progress at a glance

How will they look on your Automizely account?

How to improve your email open and click rate?

What’s the ultimate goal of sending emails to the contacts on your list? To encourage them to click on the CTAs in the emails. Because the higher the customer engagement with your emails, the higher the ROI will be for you. But there aren’t any guarantees that people who receive your emails are opening them, or those who are opening them are reading them or clicking on any of your links.

So, what steps can you take to optimize the open and click rate of your emails?

1. Keep your subject line short, crisp, and personalized.

| Readers are 26% more likely to open emails with personalized subject lines.
(Source: Campaign Monitor)
- [URGENT] You’ve only got a day to upgrade your plan 😲
- TONIGHT ONLY: Crazy 75% off on the entire site
- Check this out 👉10 Holiday season-saving tips from AfterShip
- Today Only: Get this NOW before it’s gone…..
- Here’s a New Year treat you can’t resist!

2. Segment your audience based on the subscriber’s location, interests, or activity and create targeted messages to reach the right people with the right content.

3. Strike a perfect balance between too much, and too little. Don’t spam your customers’ inbox with 10 emails a day. Too many emails in a day can lower your engagement level per email sent, and push customers to click on the unsubscribe link for good.

4. Clearly define your CTAs with the right text and direct the click-through link to the most relevant webpage.

5. Clean up your subscribers’ list based on the performance metrics of your previous campaigns. Inactive subscribers will bring your open rate down. So, they are better off the hook and away from your active contact list.

Updated on: 06/04/2021

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