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Send welcome emails for Shopify email signup forms

Want to boost conversions?

Send automatic welcome emails to visitors who opt-in to receive your email marketing via a Shopify signup form or account creation. It helps you drive sales by fostering engagement and building a strong relationship with customers.

When are these emails sent?

1. When customers accept marketing emails at the checkout page.
The customer is added to the “Email subscribers” group under the “Customers” tab of your Shopify store.

2. When customers subscribe to newsletters via signup forms on your store.

Send welcome emails

Go to Welcome emails > Edit “Welcome subscribers (Signup via Shopify)” email template

Customize settings

Enable email > Enter email subject
Enter sender information like send from email, sender’s name, and reply-to email address.

Customize content

Go to the Content tab
Go to the header section remove the default logo and add your store’s logo.
Go to the “Image with text” section. Remove the image to add a new one and edit the text.
Go to the footer section. Edit description and address.

You can add more blocks to the email and edit them in a similar way.

Customize style

Go to the Styles tab
Edit font style and edit colors

Start sending the email

Save all the changes you have made. You can send a test email to view how the email looks.

This is how it looks.

Updated on: 01/06/2021

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