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How to Use AfterShip Email Editor

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AfterShip Email comes with an easy-to-use email editor to let its users send branded emails for different scenarios. This help guide will give you all the details you need to keep in mind when creating an email template.

What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss:

Steps to access the AfterShip email editor

Steps to access the AfterShip email editor

Log into your AfterShip Email admin account
Navigate to Emails & SMS > Email newsletters
Choose the email template for which you want to customize the messaging, style, and general settings and click Edit
Once you are on the email editor, you will get you can edit the general email Settings, Content, and Style

A. Settings

Under the Settings tab, add the email Name, Subject and Sender info

An unverified email domain can be used, though we strongly recommend users use a verified domain to send emails to increase the delivery rate
Activate UTM tracking in your AfterShip email to transmit data to your analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, every time a recipient clicks on a link in an email or SMS. Learn more

B. Content

Under the Content tab, you can set the header and footer of your email content.
In the Header block, add the store logo and destination URL. (Store name will display when you don’t have a store logo)
In the Image with text block, there are various sections:

Image: Edit the image of the email body, set its width, and input the destination URL
Text: Edit the title as you like
Description: Edit the description as you like
Button: Edit the text of the button, for example, “Shop now”. Also, put the store link as the destination URL
Color: Choose a colour for your section background
Visibility: Select the visibility for desktop, mobile, or all devices
Padding: Set the padding as per your requirements

By using the Image block, you can add any image with the preferred width and make it clickable as well
With the Text block, you can mention the additional information and also use merge tags
By using the Button block, you can add more call-to-action buttons to your email content if required. Just give your button a name and add the desired URL
With the Hero block, you can upload a background image and add text or a button to the background. By using this block, recipients can see the text even if the background image has not been successfully loaded due to the Internet issue.
With the Social links block, you can add social platform icons with their destination URLs, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Set the icon shape and color, if required
With the Text links block, you can add clickable text as much as you want and also keep the sequence vertical or horizontal
By using the Layout block, you can customize a custom layout based on your preference, decide the layout type, and choose the sections accordingly. You can also select the devices where this section will show, configure padding, and choose the background color

With the help of the Product recommendations section, you can share AI-powered recommendations with customers to drive more sales. In this block, you need to take care of various things like:

Plan: Pro, Premium, Enterprise

Select the recommendation engine from the available options: AI recommendations, Product collection, and Manual selection.
As far as AI recommendations are concerned, we will recommend products based on our AI algorithms. You can decide whether you want your best-selling products, recently viewed, frequently purchased together, or frequently viewed together to be recommended.

AI recommendations is available for Premium and Enterprise users only

Decide how many columns you'd like to have, specify how many products you want to recommend, select image shape, and what product content you'd like to show to recipients.
Text: Set the Title and Description as you like
You can also select the devices where this section will show, configure padding, and choose the section’s background color

With the Coupon block, you can display the coupon code to your recipients with some text like the description of the coupon and its expiration time.

To entice recipients to take an expected action, add this content block and edit the following settings.

Coupon: Choose your coupon campaign from the dropdown menu
Text: Enter the content that you want to show in Title, Description, and Below the coupon code
Button: Enter the button text and decide its destination URL
Style: Add colors regarding the background, text, and button according to your preference

By using a Countdown timer block, you can create a sense of urgency, motivating recipients to take immediate action, thus boosting conversion rates.
With the Bar block, you can announce important business updates, upcoming or ongoing sales, and business days. You can easily customize its color and text. Even, the desired URL can be added to make its content clickable. To learn in-depth, click here.
Go to the Footer block. Change the footer content as per your requirements. Please note that we add the ‘unsubscribe’ link by default

C. Style

Go to the Styles tab and edit the email font style and colors to match your brand style.

Send yourself a test email to preview how your email is looking and check if any changes are required. If you're satisfied with it, click Save

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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