Integrate Klaviyo with Automizely marketing to make lead capturing and nurturing easier. Automizely Marketing’s compelling pop ups help you collect website visitors’ contact information, which will automatically be synced with your Klaviyo account. Simply put, the integration of these two applications ensures smooth SMS and email marketing.

How to integrate with Automizely Marketing?

It’s a cakewalk!

Just go to the Kalviyo app page from your organization account

Properly enter the required information like Store URL, Public API key, and Private API key

In case you are not sure about API Keys, simply visit Klaviyo's API key page and check them right away.

Tap on ‘Connect’

Ta-da! The connection has been established successfully with Klaviyo ✌️

In case you want to double-check whether the integration is successful or not, just go to the Apps section and verify it effortlessly.

With our native Klaviyo integration, you can easily collect information regarding:


In case you want more precise information, check the advanced fields (available under 'Custom properties' in Klaviyo) to get valuable insights.

Is there anything else I should know about?

Yes, this is important information that you need to take into account:

Once a successful connection is established, new popup subscribers will automatically be added to Klaviyo lists, not segments

A double opt-in email will be pushed as soon as a new subscriber is synced to the Kalviyo list.

Note: This may impact your subscriber acquisition rate, so it’s better to opt for a single opt-in by going to List > Settings > Opt-in Process
You will be notified automatically as soon as a new contact activity is detected in your Automizely Marketing account. It will help you push Klaviyo emails instantly to a new subscriber

Contact properties like Gender, Traffic source, etc. will be updated automatically to your Klaviyo account

On the off chance that you face any issue while integrating, report it right away to our support team and get the resolution at the earliest.
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