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Send a test email

Automizely allows you to send test emails before launching a campaign. Email marketing plays a crucial role in determining the loyalty of shoppers. Every day, buyers are bombarded with various promotional and notification emails. Thus, it becomes very important that emails being delivered are relevant and capture the receiver’s attention.

Why send test emails with Automizely?

Find out how the emails look on desktop and mobile devices
Customize the content, style, and design
It is absolutely free!

🔗 Connect a Shopify store

Add Automizely App > Install app > Upload your brand logo

📤 Send a test email

Go to Automizely Emails > Select type of Emails for which you wish to send a test email > Edit
Send a test email > Enter email address > Send
Repeat the above steps for other types

Updated on: 06/04/2021

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