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How to Add Sales Boost Features


The sales boost feature is a great marketing tool that aims to engage shoppers and increase conversions. With this tool, you can set up sales badges and countdown timers on the product details page.

How to establish a connection to the store (Shopify users)

Go to Sales Boost > Select Shopify and Connect
Add Automizely App > Login > Install the Automizely app
Upload your brand logo

🔖 Customize sales stickers

Go to Sales Boost > Select the page on which you want to display sales stickers
Go to Settings tab > Select Products/Collections to add stickers
Go to Boost widget tab> Edit stickers > adjust the position > Add sticker
Publish sticker

⏰ Set up the countdown timer

Go to Sales Boost
Edit timer settings > Enter the text (you can add emojis also)> Select text and background-color
Choose date and time, when the sale ends > Publish timer

⏳ Include inventory countdown timer

Go to Sales Boost and decide whether you want to include the inventory countdown for an existing sales boost or a new one
Click the checkbox to enable the inventory countdown.
Also, click Edit to customize the settings as per your preference. You can add text with emojis and set the colors

Please be noted that inventory countdown appears only when the stock of your products drops below the number mentioned by you.
Once done, click Publish to let your changes come into effect

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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