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Push social proof popup notifications

Social proof is a great marketing tool to present shoppers with authentic feedback of recent sales to build trust and increase conversion rates. Shoppers are more likely to buy a product that others have purchased thus, recommendations help them find value in a product or service.

💡 Fact: Studies show that 92% of shoppers look at real-time data of how many customers are currently purchasing a product

Examples of social proof

Recent sales
Feedback and ratings
Customer case studies
Listing number of shoppers

💬 Setup popup notifications

Log in to AfterShip Email > Social proof
Edit the text with merge tags (|FIRST_NAME|, |CITY|, and |PRODUCT_TITLE|) and emoji
Mark status as Enable and save the changes

Recent purchase history popup notifications related to the product will be displayed. If there are no past purchases, another purchased product’s notification pops up.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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