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How to Show Product Recommendations on Your Shopify Store Pages

The simplest yet most effective way to boost the sales of your products is to recommend them to store visitors at the right time. It will enhance the shopping experience of store visitors and help you expand your customer base.

With Automizely Marketing, you can easily add a product recommendation widget to multiple Shopify store pages.

➡️ Steps to add a product recommendation widget

Log in to your Automizely Marketing account > Go to Conversion tools and select Recommendations

You’ll see a page list where you can choose the page on which you want to show the product recommendation widget. Simply, click + New campaign next to the page you want to add the widget to.

Please note that only one campaign can be enabled for each page type.
Now, set up your campaign by selecting the various elements:

Campaign title: Give your campaign a suitable title. Be careful while adding the title because it will be shown to your store visitors

You won't be able to set the same title for multiple campaigns if the same page type. This is for the convenience to differentiate among campaigns.
Status: Change the status from Disabled to Enabled

Recommendation type: Choose the product recommendation type that suits your marketing needs:

The Frequently bought together recommendation type will be available to select only if you are setting up your campaign for Product page, Cart page, or Thank you page.
Best sellers: If you want to show your top-selling products, this is the type you need to choose. Please note that products that have been sold in the last 30 days will be considered your best-selling products, and they will be ranked based on their sales volume

Recently viewed: If you want to recommend products that store visitors have checked recently, you can go with this type. It will show products that have been checked in the last 60 days, and they will be ranked according to the last time they were viewed

Frequently bought together: If you want to recommend products that compliment the items that shoppers are checking out on your store or have purchased in the last 180 days, this type is for you

Display: In this section, you need to take care of 4 things :

Layout: Decide how many products you want to show as recommendations. Also, define image shape, height, and width

Content: Mention what product information you want to show to shoppers. You can show the product name, price, compare at price, and an action button

Colors: Choose the colors for your campaign title, action button text, product name, price, compare at price, button background, etc. to make your product recommendation widget appealing

Font: Select the campaign title font and product info font. Also, select the ideal font size.

Padding: Adjust padding in a way that enhances the look of your product recommendation widget content, instead of making it cluttered

Location (required): Choose the position for your product recommendation widget. If you select Footer, no additional step is required because the recommendation widget will be shown above the footer automatically. Just check the preview and click Save to finish the process

However, if you want to place it on any other location, select Customize and copy the generated code.

👨‍💻 Make changes to your Shopify store’s settings

Go to your Shopify store’s Themes section > Click on the Customize button

Choose the page on which you want to show your product recommendation widget > Tap on ‘Add section’

Now, select Custom Liquid and paste your copied HTML code in the vacant field

Hit the Save button to let your product recommendation widget go live

After adding the custom liquid section, you can drag and drop it to adjust the position of your product recommendation widget.
Check this GIF to learn all the steps in a jiffy 😉

🤔 Why am I not seeing the Custom Liquid option while adding a new section?

It happens with Shopify themes 1.0. But don't worry, you only need to make a few minor changes after following the first two points mentioned above:

➡️ For Debut, Narrative, and Supply themes

Choose Custom content option instead of looking for Custom Liquid → Click on the Add block option → Select Custom HTML → Paste your copied code → Hit the Save button
⚠️ Don't forget to change the container width of the Custom HTML block to 100%. By default, it is set to 50%.

➡️ For Minimal, Brooklyn, Venture, Boundless, and Simple themes

Choose Custom HTML option instead of looking for Custom Liquid → Paste your copied code → Hit the Save button
⚠️ Don't forget to change the container width of the Custom HTML block to 100%. By default, it is set to 50%.

➡️ For themes (like Express) that don't offer 'Custom code' option

On the off chance that you are using a theme that doesn't let you use custom code to add the product recommendation widget, the process is a bit complicated. Here's what you need to do:

Scenario 1: Adding the product recommendation widget to all your Shopify pages

Go to the 'Themes' section of your Shopify admin > Click on 'Actions' and choose the 'Edit code' option

Look for theme.liquid file and then search </main> in it. Once done, paste your product recommendation widget code right above it like this:

Scenario 2: Adding the product recommendation widget to collection/product pages

For collection pages, go to collection.liquid file and paste the product recommendation widget code in the end

For product pages, go to product.liquid file and paste the product recommendation widget code in the end

Scenario 3: Willing to add the product recommendation widget to any specific location of Shopify pages

If you have a specific location in mind for your product recommendation widget, talk to our chat support team and explain your requirement. We recommend not trying to do this on your own because you may end up messing the entire page layout. So, either use the above methods or contact us for guidance.

👀 How would I know whether the added product recommendation widget is really making a difference or not?

Once you enable your product recommendation widget, you'll be able to see data like how many views it has got, how many store visitors have clicked it, its conversion rate, and how much revenue it has generated. You won't lose the collected data, even if you disable your campaign 🤟

Views: It means the widget views, not page views. The view count will update only when store visitors scroll to your product recommendation widget.

Clicks: It's self-explanatory! The data will update whenever a store visitor clicks the widget

Conversion rate: It tells you how much your product recommendation widget is effective. It divides the total number of orders (placed via the widget) by the total number of widget views.

Revenue: It shows how much revenue your product recommendation widget has managed to generate. Please note that the data will be updated only when a store visitor clicks on the item (recommended by the widget) and places the order within 72 hours.

🤔 Can I edit or delete my campaign after making it live?

Yes, you can edit or delete your campaign at any time. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

If you edit any part of your campaign, the data will be collected according to the new settings

Please note that the old data will not be overwritten because the new data will be combined with it.
If you disable your campaign, its data will not be deleted. It will continue to be counted next time when you enable your campaign again

If you delete your campaign, the data will be lost for forever

In case you still need help, chat with our support team right away

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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