Verification of the domain for email notifications ensures that the emails are delivered in the inbox and not the spam folder of the recipient. Automizely provides CNAME entries to be utilized for verification of the domain with which customers are notified.

CNAME record entries verification

Create three CNAME records to your domain's DNS settings in order to verify the domain.

Go to Organization site > Sender emails
Add a sender email and confirm.
Click on Verify Domain
Three entries will appear on the pop-up window.
Create CNAME records to your domain's DNS settings. It may take a few hours to reflect these settings
Once CNAME entries added, go to Sender emails
Click on Verify


Note: Automizely uses Sendgrid to send out notifications. The first CNAME key maybe aftership or automizely.

For pre-existing CNAME records in Sendgrid, use custom DKIM selector to verify the sending domain of the notifications. Example:

Instead of values starting with s1 & s2 use a01 and a012 respectively.
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