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Why Am I Not Able to Send Emails and SMS From My AfterShip Email Account?

Both Email marketing and SMS marketing have always been the most professional and effective way to build long-term relationships with customers.

AfterShip Email gives you a platform where you find outstanding templates to push emails and SMSes for high customer engagement.

However, there are a few things that could result in account suspension. So it’s better to make distance from them.

What leads to account suspension?

You won’t be able to send emails and SMSes if you have a purchased contact list uploaded to your account, and the flow of new orders is zero or too low. Similarly, you won't be allowed to send spammy messages

Besides this, three other reasons lead to account suspension:

Bounce rate > 8% (for emails)
Spam rate > 0.002% (for emails)
Not adhering to rules and regulations (for both emails and SMSes)

Note: Using a purchased contact list puts your brand’s credibility at risk and also increases the spam rate

What do I need to get my account whitelisted again?

You have to send new emails and SMSes after getting your account whitelisted. The old ones won’t be triggered as per your schedule.
Remove contact list (purchased one) from your account to slash both the spam and bounce rates. Also, adhere to the related rules and regulations. Once done, contact us to review again and restore your account to our whitelist section.

As far as SMSes are concerned, make sure that you complete all these steps to stay compliant.

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In case you only have genuine contact information of customers, but your account has still got suspended, then get help from our support team now.

Updated on: 09/08/2023

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