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Schedule AfterShip messages

With AfterShip messages, you can engage customers by informing them about discounts, offers, and promotions. This feature enables you to select a time zone for each subscriber and then schedule notifications.

Establish a connection to the store (Shopify users)

Go to Apps > Select Shopify and Connect
Add AfterShip App > Login > Install the AfterShip app
Upload your brand logo

đź“… Schedule AfterShip messages

Go to Messages > Select the tab (active or inactive) to which a message has to be added and click on Add new message
Enter the title and message (you can add emojis along with the text)
Input your store URL > Upload logo and hero image
Add action button (two action buttons can be added)
Schedule messages by selecting a date and time
Save the changes

Make sure to schedule a time so as to cover subscribers in all the time zones. Subscribers in a time zone that is behind the one selected, will receive the message in one hour of the scheduled time. Select “time zone of subscriber” option to send messages according to the subscriber’s time.

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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