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Gain Subscribers and Boost Sales With a Popup Sticky Tab

Collecting contact information like email address, mobile number, etc. of website visitors could help you turn them into new customers. However, website visitors generally don’t give such valuable information at once. At this point, having a popup sticky tab on your website feels like a blessing. It helps you gain more subscribers and also boosts sales.

How can I enable the sticky tab with Automizely Marketing?

Just follow these steps to show a popup sticky tab on your website:

Go to the Popup campaigns section of Automizely Marketing
Click on ‘Create new popup campaign’ and choose the desired popup template

Note: Avoid using the cart recovery popup and upsell popup, as they don’t support the sticky tab.

After creating the popup, enable the ‘Sticky tab’ option from the "Popup settings" and decide how it should appear on the desktop and mobile version

Click on the ‘Publish’ button to finish the process.

Yippee! It’s done 🤟

Is it possible to customize the sticky tab?

Yes, of course!

In the ‘Text’ tab, you can change the description of the sticky tab.

In the ‘Style’ tab, you can change the color of the text and background so that the sticky tab compliments your store’s theme.

Hope this help article has resolved all your queries regarding the sticky tab. In case you have any questions, take help via live chat from our support team ✌️

Updated on: 22/04/2021

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