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Grow Your Subscribers With Custom Popup Fields

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Popup forms is a great inbound marketing method to convert your website visitors into loyal customers and grow your email list. With AfterShip Email, you can capture relevant information about your customers with custom popup fields and channel this data to build targeted email campaigns.

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we'll discuss:

How to add custom fields in popup forms

How to add custom fields in popup forms

Note: You can add custom form fields to the standard popups only. Cart recovery and upsell popups are not yet supported.

Log into your AfterShip Email account and visit Popup campaigns section.
Select a popup template from either the Capture more subscribers or Exit Intent category.

Update the popup settings as per your campaign requirements.
Move to the Text section > Scroll down to Form > Click on Add form field.

You will get two formats in which you can add your form fields,

Multiple choice: This field allows users to select only one item from a list of given options.
Checkboxes: This field allows users to select multiple items from a list of given options.

Select your preferred field type.

Once you select the field type, you will see a form field window from where you can edit the field details.

Contact property: This a short name to best describe the data that a field will collect.
Field Type: In case you have a change of mind, you can select the field type from here also.
Question: Here you can define the information you would like to collect from your website visitors or customers. It can be in a form of a question or a statement followed by multiple options.

Note: You can add up to six options under one question field.

You can decide whether you want options to be displayed horizontally or vertically.
At the bottom left, you can check the Required box. This indicates that the field is required to be filled out by the customer before submitting the form.
Once you are satisfied with your form field settings, click Save and Publish.


1. How will the popup form fields look on your store?

This is how the popup form will look on your website.

2. Where can I view customer information collected using the popup forms?

To view the information gathered from the popup forms,

Go to the Contacts section from the admin.
Click on the customer email for which you want to see the data.
Refer to the Contact section to view the details of your customer.

You can also view the popup form details submitted by the customer in the Timeline section.

Why don’t you give this feature a try and let us know if you want any further assistance.

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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