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How to set up cart recovery popups

Online marketers don’t leave any stone unturned to convert a website visitor into a loyal customer. With so many tools and strategies to deal with this, the one that was able to stay afloat and reign over the customer retention is the cart recovery popups.

Unlike, at the physical retail stores where the chances of cart abandonment are slim, online stores witness a whopping 68% of customers leaving their shopping carts without completing the purchase (Barilliance).


High shipping costs making total order value more than expected
Customers saving the carts for later
Customers comparing total order value including shipping cost against competitors sites
The slow and unnecessarily long checkout process
Login/ account registration required to make a purchase
Lack of preferred payment methods

What’s the solution?

Cart abandonment is a blessing in disguise. You know customers are already in the decision stage of your sales funnel to add products to the cart. They just need a final push to complete the purchase that due to some reason they decided not to make that time.

Popups! Yes, cart recovery popups by Automizely Marketing can help stores recover lost orders and achieve target sales figures without changing even a single line of coding.

How popups by Automizely Marketing can help recover abandoned carts?

Drive urgency: Countdown timers ace the job when it comes to encouraging visitors to complete the purchase. The fear of missing out a great deal is what drives them to checkout faster.

Incentivize: Incentivization is a tried and test tool to motivate customers to take the desired action. Add easy-to-copy coupon codes to your cart recovery popups to reward them to complete the order.

Add benefit-driven value: Tell visitors what they will get upon placing the order. Offer discounts or free shipping in exchange for a quick checkout. More than giving their email address, customers are more interested in what they will get out of the deal.

How to set up abandoned cart popups?

Login to your Automizely Marketing account.
From the Admin, go to Conversion tools and select Popups.
Here you will find the list of all the Popup categories with multiple templates to choose from,

All - Popup templates of all the categories supported by Automizely Marketing.
Capture more subscribers - Popup templates to increase your email list effortlessly
Exit-intent - Popup templates to re-engage customers when they try to exit your store without engaging in any activity
Cart recovery - Popup templates to recover your abandoned cart and grow revenue

Choose a template from under the “Cart Recovery” tab as per your requirement.

Click Create
Once you are on the Popup editor page, customize the template as per your campaign

Edit popup settings

Popup name - Edit the name of your popup for more clarity.

Coupons - Select the type of coupon campaign you would like to run with the popup.

Coupon campaign - You can offer a unique or a master coupon code to incentivize customers who are planning to exit your website without completing the order.

Enter manually - Enter your coupon code

Trigger - Controls when you want the cart recovery popup to display on your storefront

Set the minimum cart value when the popup will be shown to the cart abandoners
Configure time when the popup will be shown to the customers after the cart value is met
Set the display timing to when the visitor is exiting the shopping cart page

Countdown - Add the countdown timer to the popup to create a sense of urgency for customers to checkout faster and avail the offer. You can configure for how long the offer is valid for them to take.

Display frequency - Controls how many times the popup will be shown to the visitor.

Input the number of times a popup will be shown to the customer per visit
In case you’ve decided to display the popup a maximum of 2 times or more, configure the time interval in which those will be shown

Note: To remove Automizely branding from under your popups, you can contact our support to get your store verified and avail the feature for free.

Edit popup text

The popup text section will give you all the power to customize the messaging, call-to-action-buttons, and form fields of your popups including the success message and redeem coupon text.

Customize popup style

Give your popups a personalized feel to match your store style.

Go all out and add your brand logo to increase brand recognition.
Choose the font best consistent with your brand.
Add an image to make it visually appealing.
Change the popup background and text color to make them attractive and match your brand tone.

This is how your cart recovery popup will look like:

Get on the success bandwagon with visually-appealing, engaging, and conversion-driven cart recovery popups with Automizely Marketing today.

Install the app on Shopify and get the ball rolling.

Updated on: 13/07/2022

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