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How to Set up a Spin Wheel Popup

Keeping store visitors engaged is necessary from a business perspective. To help you with this, we’ve added a new popup type in our library and named Spin to win popup. This help guide will explain how you should set it up.

➡️ Steps to set up a spin wheel popup

Log in to your Automizely Marketing account > Go to Popups & forms and select Spin to win popup.

⚙️ Customize the popup settings

Give your popup a name

Set the Rewards settings as you like

✍️ Important info:

Set the chance and prize for 6 slices. Each slice will appear twice, but the percentage chance you enter is for the 2 slices combined

A 0% chance means customers will never land on it

You can select from the list of created coupons for each slice or create a new one straight away

In the Coupon display section, decide whether you want to share the coupon through an email or show it straight away and send an email notification as well. Available options are Show in welcome email only and Show in site and welcome email

In the Sticky coupon bar section, there are two options: Show after success step and Hide. Upon choosing the first one, store visitors will see a bar showing the won coupon, which they can copy and use for shopping. In the case of the second option, store visitors will have to copy the coupon from the received email

In the Sticky tab section, select Show if you want to add a tab to your store for shoppers who have skipped the popup for the first time. You can set the position for both desktop and mobile devices. Also, define the behavior of the sticky tab. Otherwise, skip it by selecting Hide

In the Countdown section, select Enabled if you want to add a countdown timer to create urgency. Otherwise, select Hide

In the Timing section, decide how long you want your popup to be active. If you choose the Ongoing option, your popup will be live as long as its status is active in your Automizely Marketing admin. Whereas, you can define a specific period by selecting Fixed

In the Trigger section, decide when your popup should appear. Available options are Show on a timer and Show on exit-intent

In the Display frequency section, decide how many times your popup should appear. Available options are: Every time anyone visits, Once per day per visitor, and Once per week per visitor

In the Audience targeting section, select All visitors if you want the popup to appear for all shoppers. Otherwise, you can select Filter visitors to target according to the location, order value, etc.

To learn about audience targeting in-depth, please check this article.

📝 Content

It comprises 4 sections:

First step: Modify the default content provided in the Header and Description fields if you want. Also, define what information you want to collect through the popup. In addition, see if the content for primary action and secondary action needs any modification and also check whether the Text field needs content or not

Sticky tab: Describe what your sticky tab should be saying in the Description field

Success step: Modify the default content provided in the Header and Description fields if you want. Also, check the content mentioned for the primary action and decide the behavior of it

Sticky coupon bar: Describe what your sticky coupon bar should be saying in the Description field

🎨 Styles

It is all about setting your brand logo, display content, layout, and colors. Set all these to match your brand look and feel.

Please note that each slice group is made up of 3 slices, which means you can customize the text and background color for all 12 slices if you make changes to all available slice groups.

🤔 How can I share a coupon code through email notifications?

In our default email template, we've used a merge tag to ensure that the slice-specific coupon code gets shared via an email when a store visitor wins. It means you don't have to follow any additional steps unless you've changed the default template.
If you want to modify the default email template to give your brand feel to recipients, make sure your email content contains this merge tag: *|WELCOME_COUPON_CODE|*

To insert the merge tag, add either Image with text section or Text section in the Content tab.

For help, please ping our chat support team

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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