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The Popups feature of AfterShip assists you in setting up sales and coupon bars. It helps to inform visitors about discounts and offers and requests them to subscribe for future updates. With just a few clicks, you can personalize and publish sale popups on your store site.

Customize popups

Log into your AfterShip Email account and navigate to Popups and forms > Create new form campaign > Select a template > Create

Go to Popup settings > Define the coupon and other settings

- In the Popup Coupon section, decide whether you want to offer a coupon or not and how you want to display it

- In the Sticky tab section, select Show if you want to add a tab to your store for shoppers who have skipped the popup for the first time. You can set the position for both desktop and mobile devices. Also, define the behavior of the sticky tab. Otherwise, skip it by selecting Hide

- In the Countdown section, select Enabled if you want to add a countdown timer to create urgency. Otherwise, select Disabled

- In the Timing section, decide how long you want your popup to be active. If you choose the Ongoing option, your popup will be live as long as its status is active. You can define a specific period for this popup by selecting Fixed. You can also define the trigger and display frequency.

- In the Audience targeting section, select All visitors if you want the popup to display for all shoppers. Otherwise, you can select Filter visitors to target according to the location, order value, etc.

To learn about audience targeting in-depth, please check this article.

Go to the Text tab to customize the text of your popup

- First step: Modify the default content provided in the Header and Description fields if you want. Also, define what information you want to collect through the popup. In addition, see if the content for primary action and secondary action needs any modification and also check whether the Text field needs content or not
- Success step: Modify the default content provided in the Header and Description fields if you want. Also, check the content used for the primary action and decide its behavior
- Sticky coupon bar: Describe the content of your sticky coupon bar

Click on the Styles tab > Edit display settings, layout, and colors
Save and Publish the popup

Get in touch with our support team if you have any queries.

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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