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Crucial Details to Remember While Using Flows With AfterShip Email

AfterShip Email lets users create flows to trigger email and SMS notifications based on cart behavior, shopping patterns, etc. But it is crucial to keep a few important things in mind to use flows properly, and this help guide is all about them. So, read the following details carefully.

S.NoFlow types
1Welcome flow
2Abandoned cart flow
3Back in stock flow

Please note that the flow feature is only available for Shopify users.
Click here if you want to know how to set up a flow with AfterShip Email. Also, check FAQs to gain proper understanding.

Key information for the welcome flow

There are two ways to get new subscribers to whom you can send welcome notifications:


Customers give consent at the checkout page to receive marketing emails from your end
Customers subscribe to newsletters via your signup form

Popups & forms of AfterShip Email

With AfterShip Email, you can create popups and embedded forms with or without coupons. You can set different triggers if you have one popup activated with a coupon and the other one activated without a popup.

How to send discount codes via welcome emails and SMSes

Make sure you choose the merge tag according to the Signup source. Otherwise, you may end up sending two different discount coupons to subscribers.
1. Signup source: Shopify

If you have got new subscribers directly from your Shopify store, use the COUPON merge tag while setting up your email and SMS content.

2. Signup source: AfterShip Popups & forms

If you have got new subscribers through a popup or from campaign, use the Welcome coupon code merge tag while setting up your email and SMS content.

SMS customization will be allowed from 1st July 2022.

Key information for the abandoned cart flow

For the abandoned cart flow, we have set the trigger to Number of recent orders = 0 since starting this flow by default. It will be checked at every step mentioned by you using Logic, Timing, and Actions sections.

We recommend not modifying this filter setting because you otherwise may end up notifying the wrong customers (ones who have already placed an order).

Key information for the back in stock flow

For most of the Shopify themes, we automatically insert the Subscription button code as soon as you enable the back-in-stock flow. It lets your store visitors register themselves for getting updates when the product is back in stock.

However, if you don’t see the ‘Notify me’ button on your product detail page, it means you’re using an incompatible theme. In this case, you have to add the Subscription button code manually. Here’s what you need to do:

Steps to follow in your AfterShip Email account

Go to your Back-in-stock flow ➜ Look for Subscription button and popupButton ➜ Click Preview and customize ➜ Copy the Button code.

Steps to follow in your Shopify admin

Go to your Shopify store’s ‘Themes’ section ➜ Click Customize ➜ Choose the page to which you want to add the button ➜ Click Add section ➜ Choose Custom content ➜ Click Add block ➜ Select Custom HTML ➜ Paste your button code ➜ Click Save.

In case there's no option of ‘Add section’ in your theme editor, this is an alternative way to add the button code:

Go to your Shopify store’s ‘Themes’ section ➜ Click Actions ➜ Click Edit code and paste the copied code in the correct file.

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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