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How to Set up a Flow With AfterShip Email

AfterShip Email supports a flow, a series of rules that you define to trigger emails and SMSes for specific events. This help guide explains how to set up a flow with AfterShip Email and also contains other vital information.

Please note that the flow feature is only available for Shopify users.
Check crucial info here if you're planning to create different kinds of flows with AfterShip Email.

Steps to set up a flow

Go to your AfterShip Email account’s Emails section and click Flows

You’ll see some pre-created flows that you can edit as per your preference and enable them to start sending emails or SMSes as per your defined conditions

There are some flow templates available that you can choose to get a head start. However, if your desired template is not there, you can inform us about it by clicking Request a feature.
Once you select the flow template, change the status to Enabled

Give your flow a name in the Flow name section

Under the Logic section, you’ll see multiple blocks Trigger split, Conditional split, and A/B test

Trigger split block is only available for these flow types: Welcome subscribers and Abandoned cart.
Trigger split: Trigger splits are the conditions highly related to the Trigger event and will split into Yes and No paths

Conditional split: Conditional splits are the general conditions and will split into Yes and No paths

Random split: This lets you randomly split your recipients into two groups (A and B) so that you can send different notifications

In the Timing section, you get the Time delay block. It comes in handy when you don’t want two actions to take place back to back

In the Actions section, you get Send email and Send SMS blocks. Decide how you want to notify your subscribers and then choose the block for your flow

Note: After adding the Send email block, make sure you edit it as per your preference. Whereas, SMSes will be sent according to our standard template.

On the right-hand side, you’ll see a Trigger event for which you need to customize the settings

For example, if you have selected the abandoned cart flow, you’ll have to mention the minimum cart value and set the flow filter by choosing any of the available options. Once done, customers meeting your Trigger conditions will get the email or SMS.

Now, drag any block and drop it when you see the plus icon (+) to start creating a flow

Once you’re done, click Save

Bam! It’s done. Now, your flow will trigger whenever your conditions are met.

Can I check the performance of my flow after enabling it?

Yes, you can check your performance of your flow once it's enabled. Just click Show analytics to let all cards expand themselves to show you the details

If you're seeking precise information, make sure you set the date range.

👀 Can I check the performance of all the flows at once?

Yup! Check your email flow performance on your AfterShip Email account dashboard like this:

To check in-depth details, click any of your activated flows to see the data like this:

Got questions? Check FAQs or connect with our chat support team for answers

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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