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Send Order Follow-up Emails to Subscribers

Plan: All plans Platform: Shopify


Sending a Thank You order follow-up email right after a customer places an order acts as a double confirmation of the order for customers and instills their trust in your online store.

Steps to set up a back-in-stock email

Flow settings

Go to Emails and SMS in your AfterShip Email admin.
Go to Flows > Order follow-up > Get started

You will land on the email flow editor. Configure the following settings that will trigger this email flow.

a. Status: Enable the status to activate the order follow-up email flow
b. Flow name: Input the name of the flow for easy identification in case you are about to set up multiple flows around the order follow-up scenario
d. Logic: Under the Logic section, you’ll see two blocks Conditional split and Random split

Conditional split: Conditional splits are the general conditions and will split into Yes and No paths

For example, you can split your customers to whom the order follow-up email will be sent based on the number of orders they have placed over a specific period.

Like, if a customer has placed their first order, they will enter the Yes path, meaning an order follow-up email will be sent to them right after placing the order. The customers who have placed more than one order will enter the No path and based on what you decide to do with them, an action will be triggered. You can either send no email to those customers or add another Conditional split and send an order follow-up email to the customers who have placed a second order with you to thank them for shopping again at your store.

Random split: This lets you randomly split your recipients into two groups (A and B) so that you can send different notifications to gauge which performed better

e. Time delay: In the Timing section, you get the Time delay block. It comes in handy when you don’t want two actions to take place back-to-back or if you want to put some time in between steps.

f. In the Actions section, you get Send email and Send SMS blocks. Since we are following the email flow, you will see the Send email action in the flow by default.

Customize email template

To customize the messaging, look, and appearance of the order follow-up email, click the Send email block. You will be taken to the email editor where you can edit the general email Settings, Content, and Style.

For a complete tutorial on How to use AfterShip Email Editor, visit here .

Click Save again to save the flow settings
You can see the newly created flow under the Flows section

Here’s a sample of the email:

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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