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How to Customize SMS Content

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AfterShip Email lets Shopify users create flows so that everything happens according to a defined process. You can notify shoppers through customized emails and SMSes. This help guide is all about how to customize SMS content.

MS campaigns can only be received by customers located in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and UK
Make sure you keep your SMS content compliant with rules and regulations to avoid getting blocked from sending SMS via AfterShip Email

Customize your SMS content

Log in to your AfterShip Email account and navigate to Flows
Decide if you want to modify the SMS content for an existing flow or create and customize a new one
Suppose you want to customize your SMS message for an existing flow. Click Edit to open the flow editor

Choose the SMS block from the editor to check its settings

Change the name and content as you like, but keep the character limit in mind before starting to customize the default SMS content
Select the checkbox to give customers the option to opt-out of receiving SMS notifications

Click Save. We will review your modified content and inform you via email within 24 hrs.

Your customized messages won’t be triggered until we review them

Merge tags (custom variables)

Merge tags can be inserted in SMS templates to auto-populate required customer and order information from our database according to the pre-purchase behavior. Each SMS type contains a list of available merge tags that can be embedded in the required place within the email subject, title, and body to import unique information. Content for each SMS varies, so we recommend auditing all the merge tags available with each template and if they are inserted correctly.

The merge tags that can be enabled for each of the below-mentioned SMS types are as follows.

Merge tagDescriptionSMS type
STORE_NAMEIdentifies the eCommerce store name from which the SMS is comingAll
STORE_URLIdentifies the eCommerce store URL from which the SMS is comingAll
CONTACT_FNAMESpecifies the SMS recipient’s first nameAll
CONTACT_LNAMESpecifies the SMS recipient’s last nameAll
CONTACT_NAMESpecifies the SMS recipient’s full nameAll
COUPON_CODEProvides a promo code currently running in your store and offered by you. Shoppers can apply the code to their next purchaseAll
PRODUCT_DETAIL_URLSpecifies the URL of the active product listing on your storeBack-in-stock
PRODUCT_CHECKOUT_URLSpecifies the URL to redirect user to the cart with the specific item added, which is now back in stock and ready for purchaseBack-in-stock emails
Specifies the URL to redirect user to the cart with the specific item added, which has now dropped in price and is ready for purchasePrice drop
EVENT_DROP_PERCENTSpecifies the percentage drop in the product's pricePrice drop
WELCOME_COUPON_CODEProvides a promo code to SMS subscribers. Shoppers can apply the code to their next purchaseWelcome subscribers
REWARD_TITLESpecifies the reward titleWelcome subscribers
ORDER_CHECKOUT_URLGives a link to the customer’s abandoned cartAbandoned cart
TRACKING_URLSpecifies the URL to allow customers to track the status of the orderOrder fulfilment
CARRIER_NAMESpecifies the name of the carrier handling the fulfillment and delivery of the orderOrder fulfilment
TRACKING_NUMBERSpecifies the tracking number of the orderOrder fulfilment
ORDER_NUMBERSpecifies the number identifying a purchase or order placed by a customer on an eCommerce platformOrder fulfilment
ADDRESSSpecifies customer’s addressOrder fulfilment

Supported plans

Abandoned cart , Welcome, Order follow-up, and Winback SMS flows are available on all plans
Birthday, Price-drop, Back-in-stock, Browse abandonment, and Order fulfillment SMS flows are available on Pro and Enterprise plans

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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