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Frequently Asked Questions About Upgrading to Flow

Please note that the flow feature is only available for Shopify users.
What exactly the flow is?

The flow is a series of rules that you set to trigger emails and SMSes according to certain conditions. By creating a flow, you can send relevant notifications to your subscribers at the right time.

Note: You can send SMSes to customers in the US, CA, AU, and UK.

Why should I shift my automated emails to flow?

The major benefit to shift to flow is that you can send customized emails according to cart behavior, shopping behavior, etc. It lets you ensure a better email performance and gives a splendid brand experience to customers.

Plus, you can perform A/B testing to check what kinds of emails your customers usually appreciate. This should be a good reason for shifting from your existing automated emails to flows. Click here to learn how to set up a flow with Automizely Marketing

What do I need to do to upgrade?

Just contact our support team, and they will handle the rest for you.

What will happen to my existing email data?

We will migrate all your previous email data to flow. Once the migration is done, you’ll be able to check your email data on your Automizely Marketing account dashboard.

If multiple emails are being triggered through one flow, their data will be merged.

To check in-depth details, click any of your activated flows to see the data like this:

What will happen if I have multiple emails for one event?

Don’t worry, if you have multiple emails for one event like an abandoned cart, your emails will be merged into one flow and retain all your settings as well.

If you feel the auto-created flow is not what you want, contact our chat support team asap.

Will my disabled automated emails also be migrated if I go for an upgrade?

No, disabled emails will not be migrated to flow. Only enabled ones will be upgraded to flow and keep the same settings as well.

Is it possible to go back to automated emails from flows?

Yes, you can switch back to previous version of automated emails if you aren’t feeling comfortable with flows. Just contact our support team for reversal.

Updated on: 30/11/2022

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