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How to Send Price Drop Emails With AfterShip Email

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Low sales and cart abandonment pose significant challenges for online store owners, hindering their ability to achieve business objectives and stay competitive. With AfterShip Email, you can effortlessly engage inactive customers by triggering price drop emails, revitalizing their interest and boosting conversions.

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we'll discuss:

Steps to send price drop emails
Start sending the email

Steps to send price drop emails

Please note that a price drop email will only contain one product. In case your store visitor adds multiple products in the cart but doesn’t check out, and the price for those products gets dropped later, then he/she will receive multiple price drop emails, depending on how many products were added earlier.

Customize Settings

Go to Emails and SMS > Flows > Select Price drop > Get started

In the flow editor, click on Tigger event > Define the Tigger settings > Click Save

Customize Text and Style

Click on Send email

Go to Settings tab > Add Email subject and Sender info
Go to Content tab > edit blocks
Header: Replace the default logo and add your store’s logo
Footer: Modify description and address
Body: Adjust blocks based on preferences

Go to the Styles tab > Customize text and style > Click Save

Learn How to use the AfterShip Email editor in detail.

Start sending the email

Once you’re done, you can send a test email to view how the email looks.

Click on the Enabled option under the Status field and hit the Save button.

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Updated on: 08/04/2024

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