It’s believed that a business grows with customer base expansion, and this proves to be true if you give undivided attention to each customer. Otherwise, they will turn into a passive shopper after some time, which is why sending personalized emails at the right time is important.

Automizely Marketing lets you create segments so that you can drop one-size-fits-all strategy behind and make your marketing campaigns successful. It’s a no-brainer that customized and relatable emails strengthen your relationship with subscribers and also boost brand equity.

Note that the 'Segments' feature is currently available for beta testers. Once the testing gets completed, we'll release it for all our users. So, don't worry if you’re not seeing the ‘Segments’ option in your Automizely Marketing account dashboard :)
👨‍💻 Step 1: Create segments

Login to your Automizely Marketing account > Go to the ‘Contacts’ section and choose the first option: ‘Segments’

Tap on the ‘Create segment’ option > Give your segment a name and set filters according to your requirements

Click on the ‘Save’ button

Once your segment is saved, you will be able to see how many members it contains and how much they have spent (in real-time) on an average. It will tell you about the importance of each segment, which, in turn, will empower you to take better actions.

📧 Step 2: Reach the email inbox of your segmented subscribers

Again, go to the ‘Segments’ option of the ‘Contacts’ section > Choose any one of your created segments and click on the 'Mail (✉️)' icon

Now, one window will appear asking you to choose a newsletter template, so select the one that you feel can do the trick

After this, you will be redirected to the ‘Settings’ tab of your chosen newsletter template > Fill up all the information in the given sections — ‘Campaign name,’ ‘Email subject,’ and ‘Sender info’ — and choose the ‘Segment’ option of the ‘Send to’ section to select your created segment

Now, explore options of the ‘Content’ and ‘Style’ tabs to customize your newsletter for a better open rate

Check everything for one last time and then send or schedule your email as per your campaign plan

Voilà! It’s done 🤟

In case you need help regarding the segments, drop our chat support team a message now
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