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Which Phone Number Formats Does AfterShip Email Accept While Importing Contacts

An ever-growing contact list allows your business to enjoy a dream run for a long period of time. AfterShip Email aids in collecting vital information like name, number, email address, etc. of prospects by letting you create impressive and location-centric popups.

You can even upload the contact information solicited through different mediums to AfterShip Email to make your planned campaigns effective more than ever. Just keep the allowed phone number formats in mind to reap the benefits of AfterShip Email:

Accepted Phone Number Formats

Please make sure that you add the country code while uploading a contact list to AfterShip Email to skip unnecessary trouble with the utmost ease :)

Which information do I need to provide while importing phone numbers

To apply consent to a phone number, please provide these details:

Email address (if known)
First and last name
Phone number (Mandatory)

For example:

In case you face any issues, even after using the correct phone number format, then do let our chat support team know and get the resolution at the earliest.

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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