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Design personalized emails using AfterShip merge tags

Merge tags are short-codes that enable you to create customized emails tailored for each recipient. Using AfterShip merge tags, you can achieve a lot more.

→ Deliver branded marketing emails to avoid activating SPAM filters. Use marge tag |STORE_NAME|.
→ Drive additional purchases by providing discounts coupons. Use merge tag |COUPON_CODE|.
→ Enable one-click checkout and recover lost sales due to cart abandonment. Use merge tag |ORDER_CHECKOUT_URL|.
→ Add a personal touch to emails, use merge tag |FIRST_NAME|.

List of AfterShip merge tags

The merge tags that can be enabled for each of the below-mentioned email types are as follows.

How to use merge tags?

You can enable tags for Welcome emails, Abandoned carts, and Order follow-up emails. To modify pre-built AfterShip templates with merge tags, follow the below steps.

Go to Emails > Select the type of emails for which you wish to enable merge tags > Edit setting
Go to the Content tab > Text block > Edit text to add merge tags > Save changes

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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