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How to Send Welcome Emails to the Subscribers

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AfterShip Email enables you to customize the email template that is triggered when visitors subscribe to your newsletters through store popups. It helps in enhancing your marketing strategy and customer loyalty.

Steps to Customize the Welcome subscribers email template

Log into your AfterShip Email admin dashboard
Go to Emails and SMS > Flows > Welcome Subscribers

In the Welcome subscribers flow editor, click Send email

Once done, take care of the following settings:

A. Settings

Email name: Enter a suitable name for the email for your reference.
Email subject: Enter a suitable subject line for the email
Preview text: Enter a preview text which will be shown below the subject line.
Sender info: Enter the Sender email address, Sender name and Reply-to email address

B. Content

Header: Add your store Logo, Store name and Destination URL.
Body: Add or remove blocks as per your preference

Product recommendations

With the help of the Product recommendations, you can share AI-powered recommendations with customers to drive more sales. In this block, you need to take care of the following settings:

Text: Set the Title and Description as you like.
Product settings: Choose the recommendation type from the available options: AI recommendations, Product collection, and Manual selection. You can decide the number of columns you'd like to have, specify how many products you want to recommend, select image shape, and what product content you'd like to show to recipients.

As far as AI recommendations are concerned, AfterShip recommends products based on its AI algorithms. You can decide whether you want your top-selling products to be recommended or frequently purchased.

Footer: Enter the Description and Address that you want to add in the footer section.

Please note that the Unsubscribe link is added in the footer by default.

C. Style

Font: Select the font that you want to use in the email template. You can either select a font among the given options or you can add a new font.
Color: You can select the color of the Email, Text, Button, Header and Footer.

Send yourself a test email to preview how your email is looking and check if any changes are required. If you're satisfied with it, click Enabled under Status. After enabling the flow, click Save.

You can see more details about the AfterShip email editor here.

In case you need any further assistance, please contact our support team.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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