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Learn about Automizely contacts

Automizely contacts enable you to achieve an optimized organization of popup subscribers easily through a single dashboard.

Efficiently managing contacts with Automizely:

You can easily add or remove tags to contacts..
Segment marketing newsletter based on tags.
Delight customers with personalized marketing emails that are relevant to them.

Contact status


All the Automizely popup subscribers who've opted to receive marketing emails from your Shopify store are tagged with this status. You can send welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, order follow-ups, and newsletters to these contact.


Contacts who unsubscribe themselves from receiving any communication from you or are unsubscribed by you, get tagged with this status. Points to consider:

These contacts are ineligible to receive marketing emails.
Customers can opt-out from receiving marketing emails via the “Unsubscribe” link present in the email footer.

Not set

Customers who make a purchase from your Shopify store but do not opt-in to receive marketing emails from your store are tagged with this status.

Auto-sync Automizely contacts with Shopify

All the new Automizely popup subscribers’ data automatically syncs with your connected Shopify account. Automizely contacts in Shopify are identified with the tag “Automizely-Popups”.*

Updated on: 06/04/2021

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